November 16, 2013

Kiln and Clay Wheel

The first few bowls I learned how to make are finally glazed and fired.  Only two more classes at Mudville and then I'll start to teach wheel throwing to my students at the high school.
The Bee Bowl is one of my favorites.  I want to do more painting on the vessels.  It's difficult to spend much time drawing at the Mudville studio, since I'd rather be throwing.

November 9, 2013

Pottery Wheel and Kiln

There IS joy in Mudville, as seen in my smile, below.  I signed up for a 10 session course in beginning wheel throwing.  Each class is almost 3 hours long.  Ray Duvall is a great teacher.  

Every Thursday night I get to learn and perfect a new skill; throwing pots on a wheel is so much fun.  These five bowls have been bisque fired.  Now they are ready for the glaze.

Glazing is as much an art as the forming of the vessel.  The colors are somewhat accidental.  It is difficult to predict how each one will turn out.
My first two were experiments with greens, blues and purples.

The photo below shows Ann Hamilton's two painted vessels with images of farm animals.  They are stunning. Ray Duval was showing us different ways to apply the surface treatments.

Mudville was started by Ann Hamilton in 1974.  Click on the picture below to read more about this wonderful non profit organization.  It is a casual and very personal place to learn at one's own speed.