March 27, 2008

"Pagoda With Seven Buddhas"

Here is an elevation of a pagoda painted in an ambiguous cube shape. The shadow is a self portrait. The seven levels of the pagoda correspond to the seven chakras. 1990, oil on shaped canvas

March 23, 2008

"Temple Of Good Harvests"

After hearing that the gold Buddhas were being destroyed and melted down, I added one to my depiction of the temple. I used a photo of a friend as a model for the figure and painted her in a period costume. Some think the Buddha shouldn't be there. I have been trying to find out if Buddha has ever been there. The painting has been reproduced as an offset lithograph, S&N, 15"x22" image. I would like to donate some of the proceeds to a Tibetan humanitarian group.

"Slave Labor In China"

Trompe L'Oeil means fool the eye. Viewed from a distance this scene is intended to seem real.
The baseball cap and toys in this painting have "Made In China" tags on them. This painting was painted during the 1995 World Series playoffs. Native American Indian groups are still protesting the use of "Chief Wahoo" as a logo for the Cleveland Indians. Has there ever been slave labor in China? Can we compare U.S./Native America to China/Tibet. This painting was included included in West Publishing Corporation's Art & The Law 21st. National Touring Exhibition, and is in their collection in Eagan, MN.

"Cat Walk"

Here's our old man. We think he's about 19 years old. This was painted when he still seemed to have his stripes. It's funny how his colors seem to change the older he gets. Now he's almost solid gray. I should paint another one. The old man looks kind of disgruntled, like most of us now.

March 14, 2008

Two Chiefs

Red Wing is talking about the spiritual nature of their architecture. The tipi had a very dynamic structure. Buckminster fuller talked about the architecture of fear being based on the square, while the architecture of longing is based on the triangle and circle.
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Sitting Bull talks about the vast expanse of what was the Native American's world. Their concept of ownership was very different from the europeans.

March 12, 2008


Everything except the horn was painted from life. That is the old Bendix radio from Grandmother's house.
Some of my father's old sheet music was the inspiration for this painting. He wanted to sing professionally but met my mother and became an optometrist.

March 9, 2008


All of the perfume bottles and other vases were painted from life in my studio. The Greek amphora was painted from a photograph. The Greeks drew the images on their vases in orthographic projection. This system of drawing naturally happens when the sun at dusk projects a shadow on a wall. The shadow is a direct and undistorted representation.
The tops and bottoms of the cylinders are flat. It is as if the viewer of the scene is at an infinity away.

March 5, 2008

Time Stop Your Flight

This recent painting explores a new idea for me. A glass shelf on a rectangular format.
I once asked a psychic friend if I should rework some paintings and change the dates, or even not date my paintings at all. She said, "Of course, you could have thought of those ideas centuries ago. Do whatever you want." Are ideas just floating around in the ether? (Pat Barriuso where are you? Email me.)

March 3, 2008

Dance Painting I, 1980

Who is she? One of Elio Pomare's dancers. I took photos of the troupe rehearsing in their Manhattan studio. I used many different incongruous painting techniques: Pointillist skull cap, heavy impasto tights, op art floor in isometric projection, painterly right hand, photo realistic soft focus face, and gold leaf frame on a cartoon mirror. The legs are placed in an ambiguous position. This is post modernism !
Brooke Alexander visited my studio on spring street and stared at the painting for a long time. He should have given me a show. I should have never sold the painting to Brian Jafee.

March 2, 2008

She Looks At You

I love the weight of this very slight contrapasto pose. The weight is shifted on one side of the figure but which leg is in front or back?
The negative spaces and repetition of the curves create a rhythm.
She's a Ruth Currier student.
This was painted in the loft at 425 Broome St. I was dumpster diving for pallet wood from the broccoli truckers. It was a cheap but very heavy pine and I could find some unwarped pieces for painting stretchers.


Teaching painting to young girls in the Berkshires was a joy and a very energizing experience. Belvoir Terrace is a performing arts center/camp, if you can call staying a stone's throw away from Tanglewood "camping". The dance instructor allowed me to take photos of the ballet class. Kelly Hess stood out. She had "It". This was painted back in Cleveland in from photographs.

"Dancing In The Mirror"

This painting was formerly titled "Dancing In The Light".
I explored the idea of the cartoon reflections streaming across
the mirror and becoming some thing more. I like the idea of using cartoon graphics as symbols. I had been heavily into yoga and meditation. Spending time at Swami Satchidananda's ashram in Yogaville, Virginia was a joy and a healing respite from my difficult NYC life. The light streaks become the rays become the chakras.

Point Of Reflection 1986

She touches the mirror

Venetion Dance Painting 1985

Painting in the loft on Broome Street & Crosby was a trial: The Chinese grocer on the ground floor unloaded the produce trucks at 4:00 AM.
Ruth Currier's dance studio was directly upstairs. During the day it sounded like a stampede of elephants. I figured I could finagle some free dance classes as exercise. Since I put up with the daily noise, Ruth agreed. I "danced" 4 or 5 times until I realized I looked ridiculous. I did meet some beautiful dancers and hade a few good photo shoots for painting reference.  This one is called "Venetian Dance"; it depicts a life size figure.

"Dancers With Mirrors"

I lived in a ground floor NYC loft on Spring Street between Mott and Elizabeth in 1980. The area is now known as NOLITA. My roommate was John Juel, a dancer with the Elio Pomare Dance Co.. Elio is depicted wearing gold and playing a tamborine. The picture plane seems to swing back on the right. The canvas is shaped in the form of a trapezoid. Other trapezoids are formed through the composition of the figures.

"Icarus", Flying Too High

I painted this my first year living in NYC, 1980. I traded it for chiropractic treatment after getting knocked off my bike by a truck in SOHO.