December 31, 2009

"A Cultural Chair"

This silkscreen print was made a long time ago. I was in the summer program at the Lake Placid Art School in upstate New York. The image is about participating in culture. Most people feel that they can not sit in the Cultural Chair. As a teacher I feel it is important to change this attitude. Everyone should feel the joy of making a cultural contribution. Art making is an avenue available to all.

December 16, 2009

CWRU Art Studio, Student Exhibition 2009

Angie put a lot of work into this kinetic scuplture, she is considering her options after her senior year: graduate school for medical illustration or art education.

December 15, 2009

"Icarus" Kinetic Sculpture

Angie described her creative process as if one had eaten a mythology book. I like the way the 3D expressionistic images are flattened in the video.

She told me that her mother read Greek myths to her when she was falling asleep as a child.

December 14, 2009

Chien Nguyen's Tryptich

This project is about expressing three related concepts in a tryptich format using die cuts to show different views.

Chien used spiraled wire to connect the panels.

The planar sculpture when fully opened reveals the warm colors.

"Modern Warfare", by Jonathan Klein, Arts 101

The assigned project was to use security envelope textures to create a collage. Jonathan K. came up with a riveting combination of image and medium that resonates. For the project's essay he explains, "The image is a screenshot from a popular war video game. How to deal with the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the tie between government funding and the military are alluded to with security billing envelopes."

Arts 101, Texture Project Instructions

I made this video to show to my students.

Students' Work CWRU, Shapes In Space

Martha Kriley excelled at this most difficult project: Two complimentary colors are mixed to produce a nuetral gray background. Strofoam shapes are designed, cut, and painted. The use of atmospheric perspective results in a convincing illusion of deep space.

December 4, 2009

"A Compendium of Half Circles"

I had some mystical experiences, meaningful coincidences, AKA synchronisities with the half circle. This is a great example of divergent thinking for fun. Can you find the chocolate chip cookie?

"A Compendium of Mobile Homes"

I presented a power point titled "The Figure in Geometry, How I Became a Neoclassic Artist" at the Ohio Art Education Assoc. Convention. This etching done in 1975 reigns supreme in my understanding of dynamic shapes. Buckminster Fuller's ideas about the square being a shape connoting contraction affected me deeply.