October 21, 2012

"Truth & Healing" oil, shaped linen 50" x 25"

I reworked a few details which had been bothering me:  the face, fist and the foot.  I painted three angel vase paintings: red, yellow, and blue.  This blue one depicts St. Michael whose attributes are truth and healing.  It is based on a painting by Guido Reni, from 1636.

"Boston Light" oil, shaped linen, 19" x 19"

I could not resist painting the light house which I see every clear day, far in the distance, from the shore.  This past summer I took a day trip out to the Boston Light and climbed up to the top. It is the only "maned" light house in the country.  A lady watches over it.  There are 3 light sources in the painting.  One from the light on the niche, one from the moon, and one from the light house.

July 28, 2012

Moon Painting

I am getting back to work in the new studio.  I shot the photo of the moon on a drive home from school one evening last year.  I have been looking at a post cards from the Prado: Zubaran's & Juan vander Hamen's still life paintings. 

June 13, 2012

New Dorm at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Two of my graduating seniors, Angelica & Siobhan, have been accepted to Mass Art!  They will likely be staying here in the new dorm building.  Apparently the architects were inspired by a box of ocher conte crayons.  Angelica is going to be studying animation.  In the photo below, two of my junior art students display the awards they won from the American Automobile Association.  They won a prize for their animation about driving safety.

February 5, 2012

Scholastic Art Awards

The Boston Globe Scholastic Art And Writing Awards is an important event for art students and teachers all across the country.  In the Boston area alone, 9500 pieces of art work were entered by 1350 art teachers .  I am happy that we recieved 5 awards which is 2 more than last year.
Shirley printed 3 of these plexiglas drypoints and added watercolor.

Amy used color pencil on brown paper to create this Fauve style self portrait.

Rico excelled at composing this white pencil chiaroscuro self portrait.

Siobhan painted a striking cultural portrait of Ann using Indian motifs.

Chelsea won a Silver Key Award for her self portrait, "Countenance".

January 15, 2012


I painted this over Christmas.  There is something meditative about painting flowers: There is nothing to think about, just the joy of mixing up the right color and playing with illusion.

January 7, 2012

Restoration of My Public Art Project in Cleveland

The Corduroy Roads, one of six windscreen - benches at Settlers Landing
Sandblasted glass panel before paint application, (A. Winton & his wood body automobile in Cleveland, 1897.)

When the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority contacted me to repair some broken glass panels, I was delighted.  I was told that my public art project is very popular.  The bench - windscreens explore the history of transportation in the Cuyahoga Valley from prehistoric times to the present.  The line drawings I produced were originally photo sandblasted into 1/2" safety glass by Jerry Keller.  I sent the films, which I have in storage, back to Cleveland and Jerry sand blasted the three replacement panels. 

I used black enamel paint which was applied with a brush and squeegee.  The paint filled the sand blasted lines.  After drying overnight the glass panels were scraped with razor blades to remove the surface paint.  This process of inking and wiping is very similar to how an intaglio etching plate is prepared for printing.  

  Jerry has a gallery and studio, Keller Art Glass, in Cleveland's Little Italy.  The workshop has facilities for lots art production of experimentation.  His new idea for decorative glass guitars has been well recieved in galleries around the country.

  The finished panels were cleaned and then installed at the Settlers Landing Station in downtown Cleveland.  There are a few more panels to be restored.  I hope to be able to return to my home town this summer to complete the repairs.