May 25, 2009

"Poppy Fields" Memorial Day

An idea for a painting honoring the casualties of war has a pair of army boots. The Belgian poppy fields of WWI inspired a poem which inspired a fundraiser for VFW. Ironically the poppy now has a deadlier purpose.

May 22, 2009

"Babe" Year of the Ox

Here is yet another painted fiberglass street sculpture/ fundraiser. This is one of my favorite causes: raises funds for Asian Services in Action, Youth Art & Culture Education Program; which provides art classes for our "Asia Town" neighborhood children. Koscian Meat Market sponsored me to paint him prior to the auction. "Babe" is depicted in a flannel work shirt. We'll all be working a lot harder to dig ourselves out of our current financial hole. According to the Chinese zodiac, hard work is the only way to achieve success in the year of the ox.

May 3, 2009

Students' Independent Projects

Angela Rovnyak's capstone project, "A Disjoint Set" used three stories tied togeather by a mother child dialogue. The book explores the boundaries of sequential art and stream of consciousness from a child's point of view.

Angela used her knowledge of vivisection from Introductory Entomology and her pet moth, "Stanlie" as a model. There is a reference to the Killers song "Spaceman" and an illustration of how an insect sees, as shown on the left wing.

May 2, 2009

"A Disjoint Set"

Angela's capstone project combined styles and stories. This experimental graphic novel synthesized many of her interests: Slavic myth, super heros, acceptance of body image, popular song, and biology. That is Angela with the blue hair (above).

The carbon paper traced line proved to be a powerful and unique technique in her hands. I'm sure there's more creativity to come. See more at

"Alex's Adventures in Fouierland" end of the CWRU school year

Andrew made a great pop up book for his independent Design and Color project. Inspired by Lewis Carroll, he created an entertaining and thought provoking Fourierland where the Chebyshev (Type II) Cat lurks in the blue forest. He plans to earn a graduate degree in robotics at Carnegie Mellon

There were some real Spartans lurking at the Freedman Multimedia center.

The Art Studio exhibition was a place for the students to find closure. I found two of my most open and fun students. Julianne and Yoko, the Ying and Yang of my Arts 101 course. Julianne is transferring to the Cleveland Institute of Art's interior design program and Yoko is graduating to do graduate studies in medicine in Toledo.

May 1, 2009

"Meat Head"

Remember the Hamburgler? I traded this one to my dentist for some intensive scaling. Ouch.