October 21, 2012

"Truth & Healing" oil, shaped linen 50" x 25"

I reworked a few details which had been bothering me:  the face, fist and the foot.  I painted three angel vase paintings: red, yellow, and blue.  This blue one depicts St. Michael whose attributes are truth and healing.  It is based on a painting by Guido Reni, from 1636.

"Boston Light" oil, shaped linen, 19" x 19"

I could not resist painting the light house which I see every clear day, far in the distance, from the shore.  This past summer I took a day trip out to the Boston Light and climbed up to the top. It is the only "maned" light house in the country.  A lady watches over it.  There are 3 light sources in the painting.  One from the light on the niche, one from the moon, and one from the light house.