January 16, 2009

"Battle Of The Sexes"

The Amazons were a nation of female warriors in ancient Greek mythology. The contemporary battle for power is fought with a laptops, briefcases and lawyers.

January 11, 2009

"Beam Us Down"

I painted this in 1987, thinking about the images on our vessels compared to the ancient Greeks; Science fiction & myths.

January 8, 2009


I painted this in 1987 while thinking about how pervasive the smurf iconography was. It is truly international. I found this little guy holding a brick and a trowel in Paris, and made a free association with masons, Egyptology, and how to construct a French breakfast.

January 6, 2009

"Harvest Is Great"

It feels so good to get back to painting after the drain of the holidays. I sprayed some retouch varnish on the landscape which was painted in November at Bechwith's. It smelled like frankincense. I drove up to Giant Eagle and bought 4 different apples: Roma, Aphrodisia, McIntosh, and Jonah Gold. I'm trying a new, (for me) way of painting the title directly on the niche.

"Harvest Is Great"

Some Kent State art students dropped by as I was painting on the last warm day of 2008. They were changing their majors from fine art painting to illustration. It is strange and wrong that there is this separation. The Renaissance painters were illustrators.
At this point the light is fading, I was getting cold and decided to pack up.
There is a painter in Boston who has a huge delivery truck that he parks all over the city to paint from. It is such a great idea. I'd like to try that some day. Like Steinbeck's, "Travels With Charlie", I'll drive across the country.

January 1, 2009

"From Sea To Shining Sea", Happy New Year

It's a new year. This painting of a neighborhood stray cat, intends to make a positive statement. I used a stable composition with the tip of the mouse's nose, the gold finial of the flag pole and the foot of the pitcher forming an equilateral triangle. Stripes and sinewy curves are repeated. The path winds down to the Atlantic. It is sunset or sunrise.