July 23, 2016

"Bad Dreams and Lies of Glyphosate" 8" x 10", engraving & drypoint print

My first overtly political / issue driven print was inspired by Picasso's "The Dream and Lie of Franco", which I have loved ever since I saw it in person at the Cleveland Museum of Art in the late 1960's while a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

May 17, 2015

Our high school art club designed and painted this mural on the Malden Bike Path.  It was sponsored by Yankee Pest Control Co.  We had a great time!

May 16, 2015

Student Accepted to Mass. College of Art & Design is Awarded Tsongas Scholarship

This painting, "Year of the Dragon",  is by one of my graduating senior students who was accepted to Mass. College of Art & Design.  He was awarded the prestigious Tsongas Scholarship, which provides 4 years of free tuition and fees.  The painting is an example of my cultural portrait project.  Junior year students interview an immigrant to the USA and create a work based on their cultural research.

March 22, 2015

Absence & Presence, a printmaking, book, & poetry project

etching, 8" x 10"

When Stephanie Mahan Stigliano invited me to make a print about the March 5, 2007 bombing of the bookseller’s district in Iraq, I immediately thought of my friend Dr. Fawzi Abdulrazak, who owns a private book store in Cambridge MA. He is a leading scholar who wrote, “The Kingdom of the Book: The history of Printing in Morocco” and “The Fez Lithographs, Annotated Bibliography with Historical Introduction”. I asked Fawzi if I could draw a portrait of him and if he remembered Al-Mutanabbi Street and with an enthusiastic “Yes”,  he agreed to meet me at his store. I arrived with my camera and he was mysteriously waiting with a flash light in the darkened storefront at 600 Cambridge Street.  I took many photographs as he showed me some historic and beautiful books. He talked of his memories and described the vistas of Al-Mutanabbi Steet.  As a young man he would visit and talk with many writers.  Latter in his store room he showed his journal from those early days.  The etching is a portrait of Fwazi holding the journal of poems he wrote as a young man. 

Al Mutanabbi Starts Here, a book, poetry, & printmaking project

December 29, 2014

"Graves Light Super Moon", Mezzotint

I am happy to be exploring what is a new medium for me.  Mezzotint is a time consuming process relying on subtle changes in value.  The copper plate is hand rocked creating a sandpaper like surface.