June 7, 2010

"Dry River Bed" High School Drawing Class

This is my exemplar for an India ink drawing. The goal was to explore the qualities of line from thick to thin to describe deep space. Cross contour lines describe the undulating surfaces of rocks and river bed in an imaginary landscape space. Optional additions to be chosen by the students were local woodland animals and trees.

Power Point Presentation, High School Printmaking

My cooperating teacher, Judy Flamik, brought me a yukata (men's kimono) to wear for my Japanese multicultural printmaking class. Judy who had been to Japan helped me explain what a Japanese art class was like: The teacher and the students show imense respect for each other by bowing down as a greeting.

June 4, 2010

High School, Beggining Painting Class

I provided each student with a board to which they attached still life objects. A spot light was arranged and the students painted from the model set up. Below is my example, "Figs, The Gravity of Desire" which is painted on a much larger scale. The rule of trompe l'oeil painting is that objects are painted life size.