August 21, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

These watercolors were painted from photographs I shot while in Finnish Lapland. 
 I really loved using my new camera.  See my photo blog,

August 20, 2011

Teaching and Remembering

I am lucky to be teaching at one of the best high schools. According to the Washing Post, High School Challenge 2011, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is the 7 th. best in MA! According to Newsweek, MVRCS is the 4 th. best in MA and in the top 10% in the USA. The art room in Massachusetts actually reminds me of my old high school's art room back in Ohio. We used to refer to our art teacher as Mr. Roy G.B.I.V. Houston. The photo above is of me sculpting a coiled ceramic piece, 1969. The man in the background is Mr. Houston.

July 21, 2011



A globe supports a woman who entices a man to leave his realm.
A plastic travel mug depicts the space shuttle.The sunflower's petals fall.

May 27, 2011


I recently reworked this painting, changing the size of the small flowers to diminish and recede back into the space.


This angel pose was derived from an actual ancient reference and a photo of a student. I love the way she seems to hover.

"Narcissus and Echo"

The old figure ground cliche of two face profiles forming a vase was too difficult to resist. Narcissus was the Greek God who fell in love with his watery reflection.

Studio Time

Moving to a new city and starting a full time teaching job has been a huge adjustment. During Spring break I was able to set up a studio. Many half finished paintings await. Summer will be a time for some full time painting.

February 26, 2011

High School, Scholastic Art Awards, Boston Globe

Derek's "Color Line Array" won a Silver Key Award; It explores prismatic variety using oblique parallel projection. He is applying to colleges with a focus in environmental architecture.
Raphael, a Freshman, chose an expressive color harmony for his "Fauve Self Portrait." Does it make reference to Smurfs and Krishna? No matter, it works because of his sensitive use of high chroma color and his careful control of values.
Anna's mixed media collage was inspired by Romare Bearden. As a Junior, International Baccalaureate Art Student, she is planning her own themes: "American Life" and "Women's Road Trip." She will be exploring a wide variety of two dimensional media including printmaking. (I recently found an old cast iron etching press on Craig's list.)